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The Basics of Kausanetik

Have you even ever thought about how it is possible that may arise from a sperm and an egg as something great like a man? Although the embryology can explain a lot, so a pregnancy is in the details still a mystery. Surely you go with me but to comply, that it is absolutely great, giving rise to the evolution over millions of years. And if you do not belong to a group of people who believe in evolution, you are certainly agree with me that God created man with something absolutely unique.

And by then, if we can learn from a biochemist or doctor to be) in every second of our lives, millions of processes (run in parallel, so we will stay alive, and we humbly bow to nature. But the more researchers to take care of individual genes and processes in the cell, and the more out here is what processes help ensure that we will remain alive at all, the more arrogant the medical class.

In creasingly, pharmaceutical companies and try to explain their helpers for financial reasons why people are sick and how to cure diseases. The fact is and remains for many years that we do not know absolutely nothing about why cells behave in one way or another. We neither understand nor mitochondrial genes, not organs, and certainly not how it is possible that 100 trillion cells communicate with each other. While we give the name of individual components and partly also to know what a group of cells such as liver or brain is responsible, but how the human system is created and really keeps it alive, we do not even understand approximate.

The reason is that our western medicine is the result of the pathology and to this day the most important thing in life plays no role in their thinking: Energy. How hard do we find this word, we can already recognize the fact that we know in our language has no precise definition of energy. Much worse, however, that plays with the exception of Eastern medicine, the word energy in the training of physicians does not matter. But like a doctor, the person should also understand the system remotely, if he does not have to worry about energy. The most important things in our lives - love, faith, sexuality - are all energy. And yet when we see money as a form of energy, one can only shake their heads when you consider that most of the doctors for what each man in life is most important, not nearly interested. Instead, when it comes to diseases, always talked only about matter. Heart attacks caused by plaque, toxins and cancer from all other diseases, either by bacteria or autoimmune diseases.

What Socrates had over 2000 years ago no problems in admitting that he knows that he knows nothing, seem to people of the 21st Century, a great problem to have. Instead of the great philosophers constantly questioning the why, the why in today's reluctant questioned. Our time was probably too fast-moving, than that we take the time to make the most important of all questions: Why.


In the word Kausanetik like putting two Latin words, namely the basic Causa = = Sane and sensible. Kausanetik therefore represents a reasonable causes, which plays the main role in the small but powerful word why. For many years I am concerned with the problem of cancer, and there are probably few people on this planet, more than I have traveled the world to better understand what is cancer and how to treat cancer. Until a few years ago I still believed that Socrates' words of ignorance will probably take me all my life in oncology, because the more I have learned about cancer, the more confused I was.

The genes are to blame says one. No, no, the mitochondria are to blame, say others. And please do not forget the conflicts of the psyche and the adrenalin problem, and the cell membrane changes, and, and, and. The confusion can even increase even if we speak not only about the theories of cancer, but also about the therapeutic conclusions are inferred from them. Tumor destruction by poisons or radiation, or immunomodulation Immunsteigerung, conflict management, vitamins and frequency of treatments, and, and, and.

Without a doubt gathered in my cerebral cortex over many years a great deal of knowledge and several times I thought I understood what is cancer and how to treat cancer. But every time I thought, now I'm very close to understand cancer, the patient died, I saw on a good path. While the treatment had apparently helped the patients - as I thought - died in the other patient, even though he applied exactly the same treatment. Regardless of whether it was chemotherapy, high dose vitamin C, or conflict resolution. So there must be something ADDITIONAL, which is responsible for why some patients have died and others do not.

With the I-3E-developed program that has survived on the evaluation of the medical histories of thousands of people who have cancer at a very late stage, is based, I was already on the right track and has in recent years to prove that I so could even help people when everyone else said: "You can not do anything." I worked in recent years more and more of the why-question and questioned over and over again, my own views. And I caught myself one day while that I really believed that a process in the body of a man could be bad. My intuition told me though that something can not agree here, but my well-developed, logical mind is still convinced me that it very well could be diseases that were not good for anyone. I noticed immediately, for example, multiple sclerosis. But the longer I was thinking about this disease, the clearer it became that also gives them a meaning.

Evolution = survival

These two words, evolution and survival, have brought to my world of all diseases in one direction, through which I finally understood what diseases and how to treat them! Now I was finally put in a position to what I call today 'Kausanetisches Scheme', in a system. At last I understood that in principle every disease, every symptom that is good for the people. I just had everything that happens on this earth to see the perspective of evolution. Or, more accurately, be considered from the perspective of survival, and immediately showed every disease, every symptom that makes sense.

From theory into practice

Over millions of years of evolution has created the miracle man. Everything, absolutely everything that happens on a physical or psychological level, is nothing more than a regulatory mechanism that serves only one purpose, to survive. First, the short-term, and only then will the long-term survival. The understanding between short and long-term survival is very important, because without this understanding we can not understand symptoms. The lack of this understanding, it is also why the medicine can make no progress on a larger scale.

That's why I can understand so well researchers and therapists, because I have made myself many years the same mistakes. I was thinking, if I understand cancer, then I'll understand cancer. But these cancer cells belong to an institution, that institution to a person, this person becomes a nature, that nature to a planet and that planet to the solar system. And actually, one should also not stop here, because our solar system is located between the Perseusarm and Sagittariusarm and these are only side arms of a large barred spiral galaxy.

You may think that now, perhaps exaggerated, or ridiculous, but you have ever wondered what happens when the sun ceases its service? At the latest when answering this question, you'll understand that we can not do so, as if we are cosmic rays from the sun or the laws of evolution would not concern them. Let me set the whole thing even easier:


Surely you know the phrase: "Health is the highest good. Also, I grew up with this phrase and that is why I did nearly 40 years following fallacy: I thought that if health is the highest good, then something bad disease or at least worse than health. Based on this thought I put all the symptoms and all diseases in the drawer "negative", just because symptoms are perceived as negative. But as so often in life, turns out that what looks at first glance negative later as a blessing. Just think of fever or because what would happen if they did not feel pain when you touch a hot stove.

In truth, all the symptoms are nothing more than regulatory mechanisms of the body and thus a disease a higher form of health. I am aware that if you read this sentence for the first time, the whole thing sounds a bit schizophrenic. But why not enjoy yourself once the following experiment and you will understand better, from what I am talking about. Take any symptoms / illness, and ask yourself the following question: Is this symptom is now good for me or bad? For "simple" signs will tell you now, perhaps: OK, fever, diarrhea, skin disorders, etc. ... I can understand it well, yes, but what should be good from a heart attack, cancer, diabetes, etc. to be able to understand these symptoms, You need to understand the concept of 'symptomatic time line'.


The so-called modern medicine can not understand chronic diseases, because it considers all symptoms at the end of the symptomatic time-line and therefore are negative for all medical disorders. They have of course absolutely right in this thinking, because if you symptoms seen at the end of the timeline, they are fundamentally bad. As positive as the beginning of a febrile illness is so negative is a fever for several days. Diarrhea can be so positive at the beginning, he is so negative after a few days when dehydrated in bed. As positive as an elevated blood pressure, the capillaries and the institutions better supplied with blood, so negatively is that the latest when you get a stroke.

And cancer?

As positive as a tumor is at the beginning when it burns more by the fermentation of sugar, metabolized toxins, fungi and parasites, or encapsulated in a patient demonstrates that it is absolutely time for much-needed life changes, so negative it is the latest, when, in other organ structures grow and ensuring that people have to cachectic death.

You see, it's just a question of timing, whether a disease is to be regarded negatively or positively. But when is a symptom of a disease when negative and positive? To better understand this, you should still learn a concept, namely:

Symptoms dynamics (SED)

Each symptom at some point changes from a positive to a negative symptom symptom - in terms of survival. Ie, the same symptom, which has ensured that you shall remain alive longer, now for your death, if occurring even if no changes needed. The crossing this imaginary line does not in principle for a patient's death. However, it shows that there is now an urgent need for action exists.

An example

Fever can destroy bacteria and increase the cellular communication. But at some point reached a fever its own momentum, and the body is the production of fever, more energy available than it needs to survive. The same is true for a tumor. Sometime in the cancer process of fermentation takes metabolism so rampant that the resulting energy deficit a lethal cachexia (wasting initiates).


You might ask yourself now, why make such an intelligent system as our bodies such fatal errors? Why did he not stop the fever and the tumor growth? First of all, he would die sooner easily. As previously described, to serve all the symptoms, or better put, all regulatory mechanisms, the primary law of evolution: survival of the species. Would produce a body, for example, no tumor, would the resulting symptoms such as diabetes, intoxication, or a human fungus to die much sooner.

But there is another reason. Even Charles Darwin described the possibility of inherited physical characteristics must be viable before they are passed on to the next generation. Maybe you know this law under the sentence: 'Only the strongest survive. " This natural selection is without doubt an extremely brutal, but over a point on which all evolutionary scientists agree that without them there would be no Homo Sapiens. From this perspective, it makes sense that regulatory mechanisms serve not only to survive. Accepting this will fall too hard for me, especially when one considers individual fates. But we can, even if we do not want this, not act as if we could bring nature and evolution of laws in force. Instead, it would be better to accept these laws and to invest more energy in it, so we should understand this correctly.

From the perspective of Kausanetik FIRST So once you are on any symptom, however unpleasant it is. As long as a symptom has no momentum, one should not fight symptoms but increase. So reduce, rather than the fever, you should wrap the body warm. Instead of destroying the tumor immediately, you should detoxify the body and reduce stress. True medicine, therefore, always begins with the idea WHY regulates the body at this point at this time in this way? And there are quite a momentum of its own symptoms or you need to strengthen the symptom only?

And now?

There will be no progress in the treatment of chronic diseases, as long as kausanetische aspects are not taken into account. Also in alternative medicine is unfortunately still being discussed, why not destroy the immune system recognizes the "bad" or cancer cells. Because cancer cells are never "bad", but part of an ingenious regulatory system, cancer cells are naturally by the body, of nature, thank, not destroyed. The opposite is actually the case. Tumors are given priority because of the importance of survival of the body, for example) by angiogenesis (formation of new blood and lymph vessels. At this Beispielt one can also understand the impasse of conventional medicine very well, as more and more companies are trying to develop such as anti-angiogenesis drugs. Rather than educate themselves and understand cancer processes, attempts to develop new drugs, which interfere only took place when a symptom of its own.

Especially the conventional doctors should concentrate on the P-phase of an illness, because they are the ones to get to see mostly patients in this phase. Unconventional working therapists have unfortunately all too often with patients in the N phase to be done, what the therapy made significantly more difficult for obvious reasons. But why is it so bad, which is in complete deadlock, our medical system here so long and there is no rethinking, even in the "alternative scene", there can be no significant progress.

Simply doing

About the meaning of symptoms, there are so many books that you could fill entire libraries with you. This makes it easier to understand but not at all, because, unfortunately, there are widely differing opinions. Therefore, patients are forced to do more than it would be necessary in most cases, if we knew more about the symbolism of diseases. A cure can not logically arise only if the causes are eliminated in the regulation. Implemented in everyday life this means for each patient that he is forced to place the focus of his therapy at the beginning generally on the physical AND the spiritual level.

Empirically, these theoretical considerations are confirmed by the final number of cancer patients have survived. In my research came out clearly that on the physical side, and nutritional and detoxification therapy on the mental side, the answer to the why-question has played a major role. The therapeutic consequence must be, therefore, that we must always treat patients holistically at the beginning of therapy. And so we will still have to do for so long until we have developed a system with which we each patient can answer the why question, SAFELY.